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Rupin Pass Trek

Rupin Pass is a high altitude pass at an elevation of 4650 m. (15,250 ft.) situated on the Himalayan mountain range in the state of Himachal Pradesh. There are several passes that connects Baspa valley of Kinnaur to the Garhwal of Uttarakhand and Rupin pass is one of them which is used by shepherds. Rupin Pass trek is a well-known trail for its scenic beauty and sudden variation of the terrain that makes you feel the urge of proceeding more further.

The trek starts from Dhaula, a small settlement in Uttarkashi district of Uttarakhand. Dhaula can be accessed by car from its nearest railway station Dehradun, estimated 8 hours drive via Mussoorie Rd and NH 123. There are privately operated buses available as well from Dehradun. The bases start at around 5:30/6/7 in the AM near Dehradun railway station on Gandhi road and goes to Sankri. You need to get down at Naitwar which is 190 km. away and may take up to 10 hours in a bus. From Naitwar hire a private/shared jeep to Dhaula.

The trek ends in Sangla, a major town in Baspa valley of Kinnaur district of Himachal Pradesh. Sangla valley is very close to the Tibet border. From Sangla a govt. the bus is available at around 5:00 PM, which will take you to Shimla by covering around 235 km., and the journey could take 10-12 hours. You will reach Shimla in the early morning and connecting buses are available to Delhi (another 10 hours journey) or Chandigarh (another 4 hours journey). Rather going to Shimla, you can also take a private cab to Kalka (takes around 12 hours by road). Leave Sangla at around 4:00 PM and catch the early morning Shatabdi express from Kalka (departs at 6:15 AM) to New Delhi (reaches by 10:30 AM).
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Listen to your motivation!

Climbing is this long term, lifelong journey. It’s really important to just take your time with it and keep it fun. I’ve seen a lot of people burn out because it starts becoming this job for them. It stops being fun. For me, it’s been really important to keep it enjoyable. Listen to your motivation. – Chris Sharma

Trekking and Hiking Gears

Proper gears are absolutely necessary while trekking, hiking, mountaineering, or any type of adventure sports. These gears make your journey comfortable and safe. So it’s very useful to know about each gear you are using, what are their benefits, how to use them properly, and how to take care of your gears. So I’m trying to list some very common and basic adventure sports gears and their utility, ergonomics, material, usage etc. Read More…

Trekking Safety Tips and Guidelines

Many accidents occurred in mountains, many trekkers died in those incidents, many returned ill, some programs failed too. If we try to find out the reasons of accidents in mountains during the last 20-25 years, the interesting fact, that will come out is, that among these incidents only 10%-15% were caused by adverse nature and the rest are due to human error. The main reason of an accident in mountains is: the team members do not focus on those points which need most attention during a trekking program.

A large number of accidents are caused by over-confidence; limitless courage and silly mistakes on the part of the team members. While trying to find out the reasons, differences are found between the actual incident and the description of that incident, differences are found between speeches of two team members also. It is quite embarrassing that we don’t even know about the actual description and reason of many accidents, because the team members have denied releasing the facts and tried to stay safe by blaming upon natural disaster. If they had described the actual fact, may be other teams could have taken proper precautions to overcome those calamities.

It is very much necessary for the participators/team members of a trekking group to know why accident happens during a trekking program. Read More…

Bangkok and Krabi – Thailand Tour

After a long period of without vacation we got a holiday gift from my office. It was a 5 days Krabi and Bangkok tour arranged via makemytrip. We generally love to go for the hillside during any vacation, but this time we enjoyed this foreign trip a lot. Bangkok is a very planned, neat and clean, busy city. It has lots of hotels, skyscrapers, lots of cars and people, but still very disciplined.
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Sunderdhunga Trek June 2013

Sunderdhunga valley is situated near Pindar region of Bageswar district. This trek is a bit tough compared to nearby Pindari Zero Point or Kafni Glacier treks. Though the beauty of this trek worth of it. In local language the meaning of Sunderdhunga is “The valley of beautiful (sunder) stones (dhunga)”. The Sundershunga valley offers spectacular views of peaks Tharkot (6100 m), Mrigthuni (6856 m), Maiktoil (6803 m), and Panwalidwar (6663 m). The trek starts from Kharkiya, a 5 hours motorable road from Bageswar via Bharari and Loharkhet. Earlier the trek used to get started from Loharkhet, but now the motorable road has been extended upto Kharkiya. From Khati village, the ways towards Pindari and Sunderdhunga are separated. Sunderdhunga is about 24 km. away from Khati.

Bageswar is a well connected town with other major towns in the state. Buses and shared/private SUVs are available. Nearest Airport is Pant Nagar, around 200 km. away, and nearest Railway Station is Kathgodam, around 180 km. away. SUVs are available from Kathgodam to Bageswar as well.

Mid June to end of June and mid August to mid September are the comparatively safe and good time for this trek. Before mid June all the snow doesn’t melt in higher reaches, after June the monsoon enters and in last couple of years the effect of monsoon in Garhwal/Kumaon is devastating (stats. as of April 2015). Again after mid September there is a weather tendency of uncertain light/heavy snowfall in the higher reaches.
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Valley of Flowers National Park Trek

Valley of Flowers (called in short as VOF as well) is known for its vast meadows full of various alpine flowers and flora. This place is located in the higher reaches of Himalaya (at an altitude of 3350 m. approximately) in Uttarakhand Chamoli district. The trek for Valley of Flowers starts from Govindghat. It is a small settlement/village situated on the way towards Badrinath shrine (approximately 16 km. before Badrinath) from Joshimath. Govindghat to Valley of Flowers is about 17 km. trek. Camping within the national park is not permitted. Last staying or camping can be done in Govinddham, which is also known as Ghangharia. Govindghat to Ghangharia is about 14 km. trek and Ghangharia to Valley of Flowers is about 3 km. trek further. This route is also commonly known as pilgrimage trail for Sikh temple Hemkund Sahib (situated at an altitude of 4632 m.). Best season for this trek is during mansoon, i.e. June-July-August. But during this time the hill areas become very landslide prone and sometimes many places of Uttarakhand face casualties due to flush flood.
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Mayali Pass Trek in Garhwal on June 2010

Mayali Pass trek is one of the famous high altitude treks in Garhwal region. Maximum elevation on this route is approximately 5,200 meter (17,000 feet), which is the altitude of Mayali pass. The trek is graded as moderate to hard. But the beauty of the route is speechless. You will find scenic villages, roaring Bhilangana river, lash green bugyals, river crossing, boulder hopping, snow camping, high altitude lake (the famous Masar Taal and Vasuki Taal), glacier and glacial lake, and lots more en-route. We, a group of 4 members from Kolkata, done this trek during pre-monsoon season, June 6th to June 17th in the year of 2010.

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