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My situation and understanding for the Coronavirus pandemic

In the current Coronavirus pandemic situation, I’m staying at home, completely isolated, and got some time to write a blog article on it!

I’m a thirty-seven years old guy having fifteen years of experience in the IT industry and currently, working in New Zealand for the past eight months. FYI, I’m not affected by the virus, yet!

I have a family in India! A lovely beautiful wife married to me for nine years and counting. A one year three months old cute son. My old lovable father and a caring mother.

Now, New Zealand is at alert level four lockdown. I’m locked down at home for the past two weeks and will stay the same for the next four weeks at least. My family is also locked down at home for the past week and they have to stay the same for the next three weeks at least. They have enough food stock for a month. So do I. Apparently, we don’t have a crisis, so far!

However, my little son, who used to go for a stroll in the morning every day and felt very joyful after coming back, is no longer able to go out for a stroll! My father, who is a teacher, couldn’t spend much time without seeing his students, now have to remain at home! I used to go to the gym and then to the office every day, loved my busy schedule, now have to work from home! I supposed to go to India to visit my family in July and I’m not sure if that will be possible anymore!

This is my situation, so far! I have a ‘hope’ of getting back to normal life within the next four or six or eight weeks. ‘Hope’, that’s all we have left, right?

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Weekend at Mani Square Mall

My sister has a treat due and my wife also bugging to take her for an weekend outing, so we spent a good time at Mani Square mall and enjoyed KFC, my favorite!!

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Durga Puja Parikrama on Navami Night

In this year (2013) October on Navami night of Durga Puja, we visited only South Kolkata major Pujas. This was completely opposite of previous year (2012) when we visited only North Kolkata pujas on Asthami evening of Durga Puja.

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Durga Puja 2013 Cooking Mania

During the Durga Puja holidays me and Priyanka got cooking mania and on Asthami we have prepared mixed fried rice, butter paneer and salad, all home made!!

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A memorable weekend spent with my family at South City Mall Kolkata

Spent some memorable time with family after many days. Everyone enjoyed a lot today. We ate pizza, visited South City Mall Kolkata, have some evening snacks with hot sizzler, have lots of gossips & leg pulling, remembered some old memories. Overall it was a great fun.

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Satkosia Gorge – Wildlife Sanctuary and Tiger Reserve