Moroccan grilled chicken recipe

On festive days, you do not need to go to a restaurant always! Rather, you can cook some delicious dishes at your home. It’s far better to have fun with your family and friends at your home rather than going outside. We love chicken recipes. Chicken dishes are so easy to prepare and it takes… Continue reading Moroccan grilled chicken recipe

Bangriposi – Weekend outing with friends

Bangriposi is a quiet and peaceful small tribal town situated at the foothills of the Thakurani hills in the Mayurbhanj district of Odisha. This place is only around 230 k.m. away from Kolkata and well connected by road and railway. Bus services are available to Baripada from Kolkata Dharmatala bus terminus. You have to take a… Continue reading Bangriposi – Weekend outing with friends

Rupin Pass Trek

Rupin Pass is a high altitude pass at an elevation of 4650 m. (15,250 ft.) situated on the Himalayan mountain range in the state of Himachal Pradesh. There are several passes that connects Baspa valley of Kinnaur to the Garhwal of Uttarakhand and Rupin pass is one of them which is used by shepherds. Rupin… Continue reading Rupin Pass Trek

Kashmiri Aloo Dum Recipe

Kashmiri aloo dum is one of the most famous north Indian curries and a very traditional Kashmiri dish. It’s made with baby potatoes in a spicy sweet and sower gravy. Ingredients: Baby Potato – 500 grams (medium size) Whole black pepper – 1 teaspoon Green cardamom – 3-4 Black cardamom – 2 Black cumin seeds… Continue reading Kashmiri Aloo Dum Recipe

Chicken popcorn recipe

Ingredients: ——————— Boneless chicken – 500 grams Ginger paste – 1 table spoon Garlic paste – 1 table spoon Onion paste – 1 table spoon Chilli paste – 1 table spoon Black pepper powder – 1 tea spoon Lime juice – 1 table spoon Sugar – 1 table spoon (make dust in mixer grinder) Flour… Continue reading Chicken popcorn recipe

Simple egg uttapam recipe – really 10 minutes!

I don’t know if someone already tried this recipe or not, but I really didn’t read it anywhere. It just came out of my mind and I tried it. You can try it too, it’s really awesome 🙂 The required ingredients are one cucumber, one medium sized onion, one medium sized tomato, two eggs, one… Continue reading Simple egg uttapam recipe – really 10 minutes!

Gone Fishing – Tips and Tricks

Do you love fishing? Cool! It’s a great hobby. But suppose, you planned fishing in the weekends, arranged fishing rods, tackle, bait etc. and then went to bed in excitement for the next day, rise early morning, gone for fishing, spent 5-6 hours in scorching heat, and at last you catch 3 tiny fishes 🙁… Continue reading Gone Fishing – Tips and Tricks