Kolkata Durga Puja 2014

After attending the office on Saptami, me and Priyanka started the kolkata durga puja pandel hopping for this year. We took a bus from Kestopur to Shyambazar and then started walking towards Bagbazar. In the year of 2011 we started with North and Central Kolkata. But this year our plan is to visit the main durga puja pandels of North Kolkata only. We started with Jagat Mukherjee Park, and then visited Bagbazar Pally Puja, Bagbazar Sarbojonin, Kumortumi Park, Ahiritola Park.

North & Central Kolkata Durga Puja

Bagbazar Sarbojonin pandel and protima both are very ordinary this year, don’t know why! Sarada effect? I heard this year many durga puja will be less attractive because of funding issue and the main reason behind that are the ban of Sarada, Rose Valley, and many other cheat funds. Again, I just heard, no comments!

Kumortuli Park and Ahiritola Park both are beautiful and as like other years, they are theme based. I liked the Jagat Mukherjee Park protima as well.

One thing I noticed this year. Kolkata police is telling peoples not to take photos. However there is no such notice or sign board that photography is prohibited. But once I’m going to take the snaps they are almost furious suddenly. Don’t know why is this strange behavior. I’ve taken pandel and protima photos many years in kolkata durga puja. This year seems to be an exception. Many peoples taking photos on mobile or point & shoot mini cameras. Kolkata police is not bothered with that, they are specifically targeting peoples who are carrying advanced point & shoot or DSLRs. Strange, isn’t it?

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