MTG Nature Lovers

Miles To Go Nature Lovers Association, Kolkata – Who we are and what we do!

MTG Nature Lovers is an adventure sports group formed in 2007. We are different peoples of different ages and different backgrounds. We are from different places too, working in different service sectors including IT, Marketing, Logistics, Education Institutes, Government, etc. But one thing is very common among us. We love our mother nature. So we have chosen adventure sports as our medium to observe nature more closely. We are mainly trekkers and explorers. We have undertaken lots of trekking and hiking programs like – Kedar Taal trekking and Gaumukh / Tapovan trekking in Gangotri National Park region, Satopanth Taal trekking in Garhwal Mana/Badrinath region, Goecha La trekking in Sikkim, Singalila Pass trek, Roopkund – Homkund – Ronti Saddle expedition, Mayali Pass expedition, Langtang Valley trek in Nepal, Sundardhunga trek in Kumaon region, and the list goes on long. Our core group members take part in these trekking programs yearly or bi-yearly. We also promote and organize (non-profit) various adventure sports activities like trekking and hiking, rock climbing, jungle trail exploration, water rafting, kayaking, parasailing, and paragliding, etc.

Our Vision

We think when we reach closer to nature and feel it’s presence, it’s beauty, the more we fall in love with it. Nature is everywhere around us. It need not be a mountaintop or a rain forest or a deep ocean. A small stroll through a village’s calm and quiet tiny foot trail surrounded by tall trees can bring to you the feel of nature. In our vision, adventure sports are a very good option to reach nearer to nature. Adventure sports also help you to be more strong both physically and mentally.

Our Mission

We want to educate and attract more and more people towards adventure sports, especially the youth. Though this is a very hard mission to achieve. Because, especially in our country, adventure sports are not much popular. Very few poor souls think to take this as their profession. These sports are risky and sometimes life-threatening as well. You get fewer spectators, sometimes zero spectators, so, less entertaining, fewer media coverage, fewer investments, and finally less income. So we can’t blame peoples why they avoid adventure sports, but still, we can focus the light on the other part of it. No other sports give you the opportunity to reach and feel the nature that closely. We do small group meetings, slideshows, image gallery shows. Try to educate and encourage peoples towards adventure sports in different open gatherings and festivals, like a bookfair, etc.


We promote various adventure activities like trekking and hiking, rock climbing, water rafting, etc. We either arrange or become part of several adventure camping with school children at weekends. We also take part in annual basic rock climbing training. Our core group members organize yearly or bi-yearly Himalayan trekking expeditions mainly in Garhwal, Kumaon, Sikkim, and Himachal regions.

Support Us

Adventure sports is a very rare culture in India and very few people involve themselves in such types of sports. I want to support adventure sports. Do you want to give us some love back? You can just simply spread the words! Simple isn’t it!