My situation and understanding for the Coronavirus pandemic

In the current Coronavirus pandemic situation, I’m staying at home, completely isolated, and got some time to write a blog article on it!

I’m a thirty-seven years old guy having fifteen years of experience in the IT industry and currently, working in New Zealand for the past eight months. FYI, I’m not affected by the virus, yet!

I have a family in India! A lovely beautiful wife married to me for nine years and counting. A one year three months old cute son. My old lovable father and a caring mother.

Now, New Zealand is at alert level four lockdown. I’m locked down at home for the past two weeks and will stay the same for the next four weeks at least. My family is also locked down at home for the past week and they have to stay the same for the next three weeks at least. They have enough food stock for a month. So do I. Apparently, we don’t have a crisis, so far!

However, my little son, who used to go for a stroll in the morning every day and felt very joyful after coming back, is no longer able to go out for a stroll! My father, who is a teacher, couldn’t spend much time without seeing his students, now have to remain at home! I used to go to the gym and then to the office every day, loved my busy schedule, now have to work from home! I supposed to go to India to visit my family in July and I’m not sure if that will be possible anymore!

This is my situation, so far! I have a ‘hope’ of getting back to normal life within the next four or six or eight weeks. ‘Hope’, that’s all we have left, right?

My understanding? Well, my understanding of the current situation is fully based on the information and statistics available on the internet from trusted sources, like the WHO! The vaccine for the last deadly virus Ebola took almost five years to be globally available. The world is expecting a working vaccine for the Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) in twelve to eighteen months! ‘Hope’.

Comparatively advanced countries like Italy, Spain, France, Germany, the United States are facing huge challenges to restrict and isolate the spread of the deadly virus! Countries recognized for having the world’s best medical treatment infrastructure are falling apart, thousands of people are dying in those countries. NZ took the best possible measurements beforehand to restrict the community spread. The WHO has recognized and acknowledged the sincerity of Indian leadership (don’t confuse with the common Indian people, us!) for taking serious steps and precautions to restrict the community spread as much as possible. This is the current statistics below available from WHO as of 28th March 2020 at 18:00 CET.

coronavirus pandemic

However, we, Indian people are going to the mandir, masjid, satsang, and many other religious places. Hundreds of peoples are gathering together praying for the relief from the Coronavirus pandemic. We are doing rallies in groups after holding a people’s curfew from 7:00 AM to 5:00 PM. However, it was planned for 7:00 AM to 9:00 PM to break the twelve hours spread chain of COVID-19, scientifically! We are still gathering at the marketplaces, shopping malls, grocery stores. The government has to enforce the people to stay at home, forcefully, not willingly. After all these, we still believe, we will not be affected as the other countries did. ‘Hope’.

We need to understand the severity of the current Coronavirus pandemic situation. Everyone should throw away the ego and selfishness. We have to unite against this deadly virus to effectively fight the spread. Otherwise, ‘hope’ is the only word that we have left!

That’s my understanding!

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