Sunderdhunga Trek June 2013

Sunderdhunga valley is situated near the Pindar region of the Bageswar district. This trek is a bit tough compared to nearby Pindari Zero Point or Kafni Glacier treks. Though the beauty of this trek is worth it. In the local language, the meaning of Sunderdhunga is “The valley of beautiful (sunder) stones (dhunga)”. The Sundershunga valley offers spectacular views of peaks Tharkot (6100 m), Mrigthuni (6856 m), Maiktoil (6803 m), and Panwalidwar (6663 m). The trek starts from Kharkiya, a 5 hours motorable road from Bageswar via Bharari and Loharkhet. Earlier the trek used to get started from Loharkhet, but now the motorable road has been extended up to Kharkiya. From Khati village, the ways towards Pindari and Sunderdhunga are separated. Sunderdhunga is about 24 km. away from Khati.

Bageswar is a well-connected town with other major towns in the state. Buses and shared/private SUVs are available. The nearest Airport is Pant Nagar, around 200 km. away, and the nearest Railway Station is Kathgodam, around 180 km. away. SUVs are available from Kathgodam to Bageswar as well.

Mid-June to the end of June and mid-August to mid-September is the comparatively safe and good time for this trek. Before mid-June, all the snow doesn’t melt in higher reaches, after June the monsoon enters and in the last couple of years the effect of monsoon in Garhwal/Kumaon is devastating (stats. as of April 2015). Again after mid-September, there is a weather tendency of uncertain light/heavy snowfall in the higher reaches.

Trek Itinerary:
Day 1: Bageshwar to Kharkiya via Bharari & Loharkhet by Jeep (approx 5 hr.) -> Kharkiya to Khati by trek (5 km., 1.5 hr., easy trail)
Day 2: Khati to Jatoli (8 km., 5-6 hr., 2200 m. to 2450 m., easy up/down trail)
Day 3: Jatoli to Kathaliya (13 km. 8/9 hr., 2450 m. to 3250 m., easy at the beginning, tiring hike at the end, river boulder hopping)
Day 4: Kathaliya to Maiktoli Base Camp, back to Kathaliya (8 km., 3250 m. to 3850 m., up/down moderate but tiring trail, ice skeleton crossing)
Day 5: Kathaliya to Baluni Top (7 km., 3250 m. to 3815 m., tiring steep hike)
Day 6: Kathliya to Jatoli (13 km.)
Day 7: Jatoli to Kharkiya via Khati by trek, to Bageshwar (by Jeep)

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