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Rupin Pass Trek

Rupin Pass is a high altitude pass at an elevation of 4650 m. (15,250 ft.) situated on the Himalayan mountain range in the state of Himachal Pradesh. There are several passes that connects Baspa valley of Kinnaur to the Garhwal of Uttarakhand and Rupin pass is one of them which is used by shepherds. Rupin Pass trek is a well-known trail for its scenic beauty and sudden variation of the terrain that makes you feel the urge of proceeding more further.

The trek starts from Dhaula, a small settlement in Uttarkashi district of Uttarakhand. Dhaula can be accessed by car from its nearest railway station Dehradun, estimated 8 hours drive via Mussoorie Rd and NH 123. There are privately operated buses available as well from Dehradun. The bases start at around 5:30/6/7 in the AM near Dehradun railway station on Gandhi road and goes to Sankri. You need to get down at Naitwar which is 190 km. away and may take up to 10 hours in a bus. From Naitwar hire a private/shared jeep to Dhaula.

The trek ends in Sangla, a major town in Baspa valley of Kinnaur district of Himachal Pradesh. Sangla valley is very close to the Tibet border. From Sangla a govt. the bus is available at around 5:00 PM, which will take you to Shimla by covering around 235 km., and the journey could take 10-12 hours. You will reach Shimla in the early morning and connecting buses are available to Delhi (another 10 hours journey) or Chandigarh (another 4 hours journey). Rather going to Shimla, you can also take a private cab to Kalka (takes around 12 hours by road). Leave Sangla at around 4:00 PM and catch the early morning Shatabdi express from Kalka (departs at 6:15 AM) to New Delhi (reaches by 10:30 AM).
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Mayali Pass Trek in Garhwal on June 2010

Mayali Pass trek is one of the famous high altitude treks in Garhwal region. Maximum elevation on this route is approximately 5,200 meter (17,000 feet), which is the altitude of Mayali pass. The trek is graded as moderate to hard. But the beauty of the route is speechless. You will find scenic villages, roaring Bhilangana river, lash green bugyals, river crossing, boulder hopping, snow camping, high altitude lake (the famous Masar Taal and Vasuki Taal), glacier and glacial lake, and lots more en-route. We, a group of 4 members from Kolkata, done this trek during pre-monsoon season, June 6th to June 17th in the year of 2010.

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Roopkund Trek – Ronti Saddle – Post Monsoon

We, a group from Kolkata, already done the Goecha La (October 2008) and Singali La (March 2009) treks all together, this year decided to do the Roopkund Trek route in September 2009. But going up to Roopkund and not visiting Ronti Saddle, this matter was hurting some of us. Many of us had the leave issues too. So at last, after lots of arguments and consecutive meetings, we decided to make it group wise. The first group went around first of September, reached Roopkund and returned. The rest of us, around 12 members, started on 25th of September, this was the Saptami of Durgapuja. Another guy named Kshiteesh Kirtikar from Mumbai joined us at Haldwani. We used to call him KK, he is a nice singer too. We too have two groups among us, six members will return from Roopkund trek and the rest seven members will proceed for the Ronti Saddle trek. Read More…

Satopanth Tal Trek – Uttarakhand – Garhwal

My best friend Deep and I trekked on the way of Pandavas towards Satopanth Tal this year pre-monsoon on June 2008. It is a trek towards the sacred lake. Trek gets started from the village Mana near Badrinath. Satopanth Tal trek is easy to moderate graded trek and has lots of scenic beauty en-route.

Trek Name – Satopanth Tal
Location – Garhwal
Nearest Base – Badrinath / Mana
River – Alakananda
Peaks Visible – Neelkanth, Nar, Narayan, Kuber, Balakun, Choukhamba, Parvati
Transportation – Bus / Share Jeep / Booked Car

Standard Itinerary (Haridwar to Haridwar)
Day 1 – Haridwar > Hrishikesh > Rudraprayag
Day 2 – Rudraprayag > Joshimath > Badrinath
Day 3 – Badrinath (Acclimatization Hike to Dumkal Kharak / Vasudhara Falls)
Day 4 – Badrinath > Mana > Laxmivan
Day 5 – Laxmivan > Chakrateertha
Day 6 – Chakrateertha > Satopanth Tal
Day 7 – Satopanth Tal > Bandhar
Day 8 – Bandhar > Mana > Badrinath
Day 9 – Badrinath > Srinagar / Devprayag
Day 10 – Srinagar / Devprayag > Hrishikesh > Haridwar

Our Itinerary (Haridwar to Haridwar)
Day 1 – Haridwar > Hrishikesh > Srinagar > Rudraprayag
Day 2 – Rudraprayag > Karnaprayag > Chamoli > Joshimath > Badrinath
Day 3 – Badrinath > Mana > Vasudhara Falls > Mana > Badrinath
Day 4 – Stay at Badrinath
Day 5 – Badrinath > Mana > Chamtoli Bugiyal
Day 6 – Chamtoli Bugiyal > Chakrateertha
Day 7 – Chakrateertha > Satopanth Tal > Chakrateertha > Laxmivan
Day 8 – Laxmivan > Mana > Badrinath
Day 9 – Badrinath > Haridwar

Guide & Porter
GuideMannu Rawat of Mana. Age around 38-40 years. He guided tourists 7 to 8 times to Satopanth Tal. Good and very experienced guy and he have a very good knowledge of the terrain. We encountered ice skeleton crossing, heavy stream crossing, glacier crossing with him and every time he was at his best. He charged @500/- per day + food. His mobile number is: 09412966171
Porter – Sahbat Sing and Kushal Sing. Both charged @250/- per day + food.

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