Tandoori Chicken Recipe for Microwave Oven

Tandoori chicken is a very popular North Indian non-veg dish. It consist roasted chicken traditionally prepared with yogurt and spices. It is dry outside but juicy inside. Tandoori chicken is best served with chaat masala, lemon slices and green salad. Sometimes peanut butter, cheese, and garlic sauce can be an added test makers as well. Now to prepare this dish, it requires traditional tandoor oven, which is made of clay. But we generally do not have traditional tandoor oven in houses. So check this tandoori chicken recipe which can be cooked in microwave oven very easily. This recipe is for those cooking maniacs, who surf around the internet to find easy and quick microwave oven recipes.

Tandoori Chicken Recipe for Microwave Ovens

To Serve: 4 peoples
Preparation Time: 1.5 Hours
Cooking Time: 1 Hour


  • 1 whole chicken (cut into four pieces)
  • 4 tbsp lemon juice
  • 2 tbsp vinegar
  • 300gm hung curd
  • 2 tbsp kashmiri lal powder
  • 2 tbsp red chilli powder
  • 2 tbsp ginger-garlic paste
  • 1 tbsp garam masala powder
  • 2 tbsp mustered powder
  • 4 tbsp tandoori chicken masala
  • Chaat masala powder
  • 2 tbsp mustard oil
  • Salt to taste

Preparation Method:
At first, clean the chicken well and make diagonal incisions all over it. Take the pieces in a big bowl, apply lemon juice, vinegar, and pinch of salt to it. Leave it for 30 minutes to tender.

In a separate bowl, add hung curd, kashmiri lal powder, red chilli powder, ginger & garlic paste, garam masala powder, mustered powder, tandoori chicken masala, mustard oil, salt and mix it very well.

Take the chicken pieces in a platter and rub the batter all over the pieces. Again put the chicken back in the bowl and cover the bowl with aluminum foil. Then leave it in a cool place to marinate for at least an hour.

Cooking Method:
At first pre-heat the oven for 20 minutes on high. Start pre-heating the oven during the marination process. This will save some time. After the oven is heated, put the chicken pieces on high rack and grill on high for 30 minutes. Need to check if the upper surface of the chicken pieces become brown. When one side is almost done, change the side of the pieces on the rack. Brush some butter and again grill for 30 minutes.

Serve hot with salad of onion, cucumber slices, lemon wedges, and green lettuce. Sprinkle some chaat masala powder over the chicken pieces. To add some more test to it, peanut butter or cheese can be served along with garlic sauce.

1 thought on “Tandoori Chicken Recipe for Microwave Oven

  1. Amit Saha

    We tried this recipe at home. It’s really yummy, doesn’t seem much spicy, and doesn’t contains much calories (not suitable for heart/diabetics/sugar/thyroid patients though). It’s dry outside but juicy inside. Thank you for sharing this good tandoori chicken recipe.


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