Trekking and Hiking Gears

Proper gears are absolutely necessary while trekking, hiking, mountaineering, or any type of adventure sports. These gears make your journey comfortable and safe. So it’s very useful to know about each gear you are using, what are their benefits, how to use them properly, and how to take care of your gears. So I’m trying to list some very common and basic adventure sports gears and their utility, ergonomics, material, usage etc.


A rucksack, mainly known as backpack, is a technical sack for carrying cloths and other trekking/hiking/mountaineering equipment on one’s back. It has two padded straps that go over the shoulders and these shoulder straps are typically a bit curved near the under-arm section to avoid the pain if the sack is heavily loaded. Rucksacks also has two padded hip belts and it is designed such a way that around 90% of the weight is distributed over the hip belts and the shoulder straps are mainly used for stabilizing and balancing the load. Trekking/hiking rucksacks generally have a lower chamber that can separately be opened through a zip and it’s used to place sleeping bag. Rucksacks also come with different small pockets to carry quickly accessible equipment. Now a days trekking/hiking/mountaineering equipment manufacturers design and build rucksacks such a scientific way to bring maximum comfort and safety to the carrier, e.g. curved design, specially padded areas, sweat absorbent material, stretchable straps and belts, inside curved metal frame for agility, water-repellent fabric etc. A smaller version of a rucksack is known as knapsack.

Sleeping Bag:
Sleeping Bag

Sleeping Mattress:
Sleeping Mattress

Fleece Jacket
The North Face Fleece Jacket

Hollow fill Jacket

Mens Hollow Fill Jacket Hollow Fill Jacket

Down Feather Jacket
Down Feather Jacket


Rain Poncho

The North Face Gloves

The North Face Mitten

Dome Tent
Dome Tent
A-Shaped Tent
A-Shaped Tent
Scout Tent
Scout Tent
Mess Tent

Trekking Shoe
Trekking Socks

Track Suite:

Hiking Pole:
Leki Hiking Pole

Ice Axe:
Ice Axe

Petzl Headlamp

Camping Knife:

Trekking Watch:

Water Supply:
Water Bottle
Hydration pack

Hydration Pack Small Hydration Pack

Survival Kit:
Fire Starter
Survival Fluid

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  1. Anirban Dutta

    Loved your article, being a mountain lover myself. 1 question, where can I buy down jacket and layering system in Kolkata? And yes looking for Kid’s sizes too fir a planned family trip. Cheers!


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