Why you should try Google Chrome Canary

Google Chrome Canary – Get on the bleeding edge of the web

Google Chrome Canary is a likewise early dev channel of Google’s flagship browser Chrome. It is a frequently updated experimental build and has the newest of the new Chrome features.

You may know that many software has multiple dev and beta releases before a stable version release. This is to have it tested by the early adopters. They provide feedback and test reports after using it. Then after eliminating almost all the bugs, the stable version is released.

Google Chrome Canary is the most early one of the four versions of Google Chrome: Canary, dev, beta, and stable. Google Chrome Canary is purely meant for the developers and designers and the early adopters. The most attractive part is you can have both the Canary and Stable Chrome version installed on your system side-by-side. That opens the option for many users to use both the dev and stable channels.

You can download it from its official page.

Here is some reason below why you should try it if you are a web developer or a web designer.

  • It’s safe to install and doesn’t affect the stable Chrome version.
  • It auto-updates and gets new features almost every day.
  • Developers can get used to the new features and API sooner, so it’s very useful for them.
  • The all new user agent and network simulator to work with responsive mobile designs.
  • It’s a safe playground and supports almost all the extensions/plugins that you use currently.

Google itself describes it as “a highly unstable browser that will often break completely”.

Google’s official Chrome Canary build is released for Windows and Mac users only. So a bit of disappointment for the Linux users. Canary comes with a different color icon so that you can distinguish between the Canary and Stable builds.

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